New rules on plastics: shaped by your views

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The European Commission proposal to reduce plastic pollution is based on a wide consultation process involving thousands of citizens, companies, public authorities and scientists. The new rules will halve the amount of plastics getting into the sea from the EU. Thanks to them consumers are expected to save €6.5 billion.

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Deception Analysis

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number of blinks per second 0.0
EAR 0.4309804275605068
LAR 0.21181082505175583
lip pursing 0
cheek color (R, G, B) 0, 0, 0

1. Detected:

person id 0
-- Deception Analysis
times stamp 39.72 (Seconds)
period to detected 39.72 (Seconds)
blinks detected 0
number of blinks per second 0.0
number of blushing occurred 0
number of pursing occurred 0
Predicted truth

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Gender of Speaker Female
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