Behind the scenes of Party Animal: an #EUandMe short film

2019-09-13 13:38:50  65 view(s)


Watch behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Party Animal: a new #EUandME short film.

Director: Yorgos Zois

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Deception Analysis

Lincoln Derived

Person averaged

Person ID 0
blinks 0
number of blinks per second 0.051546391752577324
EAR 0.16147120437435042
LAR 0.1791001356212242
lip pursing 0
cheek color (R, G, B) 148, 102, 87
Person ID 1
blinks 0
number of blinks per second None
lip pursing None
cheek color (R, G, B) 0, 0, 0

1. Detected:

person id 0
-- Deception Analysis
times stamp 38.80 (Seconds)
period to detected 38.8 (Seconds)
blinks detected 2
number of blinks per second 0.051546391752577324
number of blushing occurred 0
number of pursing occurred 0
Predicted truth
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*** In process of collecting initial data of person id0

-- Age and Gender Analysis
Age of Speaker(in range) 41-45
Gender of Speaker Male
-- Crossed-Arm Detection

Person ID 0 without Crossed-Arm