Erasmus+ OLS – Language Learning Beyond Gestures

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When we can’t find the right words or don’t speak the same language, we sometimes use gestures to make ourselves understood. But when gestures are not enough, we need words. During your stay abroad with Erasmus+, Online Linguistic Support (OLS) will be by your side to help you learn to make yourself properly understood:

Deception Analysis

Lincoln Derived

Person averaged

Person ID 0
blinks 0
number of blinks per second 0.0
EAR 0.3407140109809622
LAR 0.13328591234450754
lip pursing 0
cheek color (R, G, B) 93, 61, 43
Person ID 1
blinks 0
number of blinks per second None
lip pursing None
cheek color (R, G, B) 0, 0, 0

1. Detected:

person id 0
-- Deception Analysis
times stamp 18.28 (Seconds)
period to detected 18.28 (Seconds)
blinks detected 0
number of blinks per second 0.0
number of blushing occurred 0
number of pursing occurred 0
Predicted truth

*** In process of collecting initial data of person id0

-- Age and Gender Analysis
Age of Speaker(in range) 46-50
Gender of Speaker Male
-- Crossed-Arm Detection

Person ID 0 without Crossed-Arm